Getting there

Getting Around

Visiting Congo can be done throughout the year and even various mode of Transport is used to get around Democratic republic congo

Democratic Republic of congo being a Tourism Destination in Africa due to the natural tropical forests rewarded in the jungle forests and Tourists attractions. Like Gorilla Trekking, Wildlife Watching , hiking adventures & Cultural Tour Experiences. We recommend booking your gorilla trekking safari with a recognized tour operator.

By Road

As the general Overview of Road transport in Congo. Almost all of the roads away from the cities are nothing more than muddy tracks. Travel can take weeks (especially if your ride breaks down) and may not be possible during and shortly after the rainy season. Many trucks will carry paying passengers. Be very careful in selecting your ride. Nearly all are overloaded and passengers sit atop a pile of carefully loaded cargo. Falling off or the truck overturning are very real dangers. Try to get a ride in the cab if at all possible…maybe offer a little more money than the driver asks and point to the cabin. The trucks traveling around the Congo Basin are old and usually the driver and a helper or two have the knowledge to fix problems and navigate mudholes and makeshift log bridges. Do not expect stops to relieve yourself (simply do your business off the side of the moving truck). If your truck breaks down, a fix may take days or even a week or more.

Maiko National Park  can  only be accessed by road from Bukavu town or  half way between Bukavu at the Rwandan border, and Kisangani., Planning to get to Maiko via Rwanda, the Travelers get to land on Kamembe International Airport in Rwanda & Cross to Congo Via Rusizi 1 Border and enter the greater Bukavu Town , Hire a Local 4×4 Safari Jeep to enable you take a long drive to be able to access the park .  You need the extra skills to enable you enjoy the stay in Maiko National Park since its along drive and no Accommodation is in the park.

Alternatively the traveler gets into Bukavu international airport and book enjoy an overnight stay in Bukavu Town as you relax  and awaits for the next day long drive to be able to reach in Maiko National Park . it will require you to be a ware of Carrying enough Fuel and Pay toll roads that are connecting from Bukavu to Maiko National Park. The extreme Adventure Holiday to congo that you will never regret having gone for !!!.

The diverse trail heads of Maiko National Park can be accessed by vehicle and it has to a 4×4 Safari Jeep. But there aren’t any roads inside the park itself that is traveled around on foot. The paths go through thick vegetation and may be steep. Make use of walking sticks provided at the beginning of the walk to enable you search for the Okapi, Wildlife, Local Communities & Leopards .
Car rental Companies Exist in Bukavu Town to enable you have discounted car hire to ease the connection from Bukavu to Maiko National Park.

By Air,

The UN has a large presence in the region and operates scheduled flights throughout the Congo Basin, but if you are not associated with a UN agency or another aid agency it may be difficult to hitch a ride (but worth a try). A large number of small planes travel the region and are worth trying to hitch a ride.

In maiko national Park congo, there is no airstrip for you to enjoy air transport as a mode of accessing the Park in the unexplored Democratic republic of congo.

By boat

See above for info on traveling the Congo River. Waterways are the main form of transport in the region. A great number of pirogues, some motorized, ply these rivers and can be hired (or you can pay to ride with others/cargo). However, finding a pirogue going where you want to go is difficult and the journey can take weeks. Aside from travel on the Congo or Ubangui Rivers and tourist rides around Kisangani, travel by pirogue (as well as most travel in the region) is best left for only the most adventurous and hardcore travelers with adequate preparation. Solo travelers should never venture into the jungles alone.