Nature Walks

Nature Walks in Maiko National Park-Congo Safaris

Back on the mainland, venture into the highlands to explore some of the Maiko scenery that provides the quintessential image of  Maiko National Park visiting the local Communities during the visit in Congo without the Routes for the Cars to enable you access the Real National Park Activities.

The wonderfully conical Cotopaxi soars 5,897 metres into the jungle, and is one of the world’s most topical rain forests, protected within an ecological reserve that offers great opportunities for hiking, congo Gorilla trekking, Okapi Wildlife and Cultural Experience amongst the pine forests of Democratic republic of congo.

Congo’s rain forest region is incentive enough to visit the country alone as it the habitat for the Eastern Lowland gorillas, Okapi and Forest Elephants, even before venturing to Local People. Staying in the remote jungle of the Africa’s largest rain forest is an experience not to be missed, where traditional African life and ancient traditions combine with abundant wildlife. Amongst the mammals living in the steamy jungle are  Okapi, Forest elephant,Okapi, monkeys and congo peacock  that you will come across as you explore by boat or walking safari.

The stretch of land between the Congo river and Lake Kivu is known locally as ‘Best River in congo’ and provides a huge range of natural wonders, from rugged beaches on lake KIvu and a variety of ecosystems, to spectacular landscapes and interesting cultures. Spanning 187 miles from north to south of lake Kivu, here you can visit popular, rugged beaches or marvel at the magnificent beauty of secret ones, explore mangrove forests and cross mountainous jungle or discover wonderful cities.